Tutoring Info for Parents

  • Tutoring this year will take place online and in person. 

  • If you're child is in grades K-5, please contact your child's elementary school to enroll your student. 

Tutoring for Children in Grades 6-10

Children in grades 6-10 will be tutored as part of our IU/Brown County tutoring program.  All tutoring will take place online using Zoom.


You can choose to have your child work with an IU tutor 1 time a week or 2 times a week.  Each session will last approximately 1 hour.  Your child will receive 10 sessions of tutoring.  

Your child's tutor will help them to complete their homework and understand reading and/or math concepts. 

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Our IU student tutors are carefully monitored and must pass a rigorous background check and receive training via IU's Programs Involving Children (PIC)

To participate, your child must have access to the Internet at home, at school, at the Brown County Public Library, or anywhere that will provide a strong enough signal to work smoothly. 


Email browncountyliteracy@gmail.com

OR Alane Lovell at alovell@browncountyschools.com

How Does a Tutoring Session Work?

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How many weeks does tutoring last? 

In most cases, tutoring sessions go for 10 weeks, from the week of Labor Day to the week before or after Thanksgiving


Fall and Spring breaks are factored in.

Because of the 10-week+ requirement for most of our tutors, and the importance of honoring the mentoring relationship and trust that develops between your child and his or her tutor, we require that families sign up for the entire semester of tutoring sessions. 


How are the sessions structured?


Tutoring sessions are broken up into four sections:

  • 5 minutes for Skyward check-in and chat

  • 40 minutes for homework help

  • 10 minutes for writing practice to a prompt

  • 5 minutes for handwriting practice

Tutoring session-structure is often strictly adhered to, but can be loosened up, depending upon the needs of your child on any given day. 


Do tutors work with a child's teacher to understand the child's needs? 


The tutor has access to the child's Canvas and Skyward accounts via the login information provided to them by the child. This allows the tutor to see 1) where the student is struggling, and 2) what assignments are missing. Often the tutor will reach out to the teacher to get clarification about this information.


We do ask our tutors to model proactive behavior with the child, encouraging them to not be intimidated by talking to their teacher about assignments and grades.


We focus on helping the student understand how important it is to be honest about their struggles and be respectful to those who are trying to help them succeed. This starts with "please" and "thank you".